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10 Things You Must Know About The Viral Sensation Sarahah


10 Things You Must Know About The Viral Sensation Sarahah

The world has found its newest fixation, and it goes by the name of Sarahah. The anonymous messaging service is taking social media by storm, and you can find proof of it on your news feed. Sarahah was launched as a means of honest, no-hold barred communication, and has spread like wildfire. It also topped the iOS store chart last month So, here’s what you need to know about Sarahah

What is Sarahah

The word Sarahah means honesty or candor in Arabic. It is an anonymous messaging service, through which anyone can tell anybody anything anonymously.

Who started it?

The mind behind Sarahah is Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, who confirms that the service started off with 70 users and went on to acquire thousands of users within a few days.  “The society here, we’re very connected with family and friends, and we’re very honest. And breaking the barriers is what people want,” he told Mashable recently.

How can you use it?

One can use Sarahah to connect with someone honestly, but behind the veil of anonymity. You can reach out to your high school crush or your teacher and tell them what you think of them. But the catch is they won’t know it’s you. You need to create an account and share the link with your social media contacts, which they can access to leave you messages.

Who can reach you through Sarahah

Anybody can get in touch and leave messages. It’s very simple. They access the link which you will provide them.

What are the benefits of Sarahah?

Sarahah provides a platform for playful banter and fun. People getting messages from friends or acquaintances also share the messages they get. It is obviously interesting and takes one back to their school days, when anonymous messaging was a huge hit. One can also see how the other person responds to their feelings or thoughts.

What are the disadvantages of Sarahah

Despite all the fun and games, Sarahah is also a hub of cyber bullying. Anyone who has access to your account can stalk/abuse/harass you. Several users have complained of the profanities and the negativity they are being subjected to, on their Sarahah account. One has to understand, that since it’s all anonymous, anyone can write anything about you and get away with it.

Data theft is also a huge issue in services like Sarahah and Testony. Apps like these need access to your login details, and sharing them might not always be a safe option. Hackers can access your information and infiltrate your social media accounts.

Why is it such a huge hit?

Basically, it’s just another trend. And anonymous messaging is obviously an intriguing concept, and helps one pass the time. But more and more people are coming forward with their negative experiences of using this app. And eventually these cons might weed out some of the Sarahah lovers

Is there a way to avoid cyber bullying through Sarahah?

Tawfiq has assured his users that they can block anybody they want, and would not receive any messages from them.  “I really try my best to create an environment that’s positive,” he said. He has also assured people that he plans on taking further actions against the negative aspects of the app.

Are there any other apps like Sarahah?

Apps like Yik Yak, Secret Whisper and of course perform similar functions. Though popular, these apps never really connected with the users like Sarahah did.

You can link it to Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram

Sarahah is a total millennial’s app. You can link your Sarahah accounts with Facebook, SNpachat and Instagram, and share what people said about you. Some users are also calling out the harassment they faced on the app, by sharing it with the world.

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