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10 Unexplained Pictures That’ll Make You Lose Your Shit


10 Unexplained Pictures That’ll Make You Lose Your Shit

We’ve all seen some really weird shit in our life. Who knows what it was because these days it could be anything in it. Aliens, secret Government stuff, a shared hallucination, drugs, etc. Well, here’s some of the weirdest shit we’ve seen on the internet in a long time. Enjoy!

This frame of a video taken on a flight :

Who is that? What are they doing? Are they okay? Are they coming for me? This is too much shit just!

Welcome to Ireland’s Leap Castle :


Apparently, “The Elemental” spirit protects the castle, which is “used for initiations and druidic magick.” This is another shit that will blow away your mind.

Jablanica Lake in Bosnia :


A ghost will probably come for YOU if you visit Jablanica Lake in Bosnia. The lake dried up and casually revealed a cemetery.

Straight from the underworld :


In Hawaii there are anthropomorphic lava formations that look like they’re straight from the underworld. What a shit!

Crooked Forest :


And on Poland there’s the “Crooked Forest,” where you know shit has gone down. This is just an intolerable shit!

Dead man’s fingers :


Can you imagine flower-picking and seeing this extremely creepy case of dead man’s fingers? This will surely gonna make to lose your shit.

Tree that looks like a woman :


The tree is also said to be found in Thailand where it is allegedly called “Nareepol.” This looks like a real shape of a woman.

Hitchcock-style crow invasion :


This Hitchcock-style crow invasion is still a shit to the world! and still it is a mystery to the whole world.

Beetle invasion :


This beetle invasion in Argentina is much more shitty than the crow invasion. It will always remain in the list of Shit!

Possessed doll :


This possessed doll from Singapore is always there for your help! Totally a Shit! Nothing to say more about the fact.

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