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13 Gross Things Most Couples Do!


13 Gross Things Most Couples Do!

Couples can be a bit of weird nowadays, no doubt. But actually, the grosser you are to each other the more in love you are. In that case, I guess I’ve found the one! What about you?

Here are the list of 13 gross things that most couples do but don’t talk about.

Checking noses for bogeys :

Couples Gross Things

This is one of the most irritating couples gross thing, that to check each other noses for bogeys. This is usually done when you’re in a congested place, and involving one of you tilting your head back while the other has a good look up each nostril.

Checking ears for wax :

Couples Gross Things

It’s impossible to check your own ears. Which is why your partner is the perfect person to have a good old look to see if you have the wax and the other problems. But still it’s an irritating couples gross thing that couples do.

Smelling each other’s breath :

Couples Gross Things

Okay, this one is pretty gross.

But who else is going to happy to check if you’ve got onion breath?

Checking teeth for food :

Couples Gross Thing

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a huge piece of food stuck in your teeth, and no one telling you. But when you are mingle you don’t have to worry about it.

Shaving hard to reach places :

Couples Gross Thing

This is especially true if your partner has a hairy back and if you want to help him for that. So this is another Couples gross thing that they will never talk about.

Sniffing each other’s feet :

Couples Gross Thing

Although if you need to do this,it really looks embarrassing. This is again considered to be a couples gross thing.

Helping pull out an hair :

Couples Gross Thing

Ingrown hairs can be so hard to get out and painful. So it will be helpful for both to pull out the ingrown hair.

Sharing a toothbrush :

Couples Gross Thing

You have to get rid from that dirty habit as soon as possible, as that is also not good for your health also. This the most irritating couples gross thing.

Kissing each other in the morning :

Couples Gross Thing

Sometimes romance knows no bounds. But there is also something called, Hygiene. So this is not a good thing to do.

Doing a stupid naked dance :

Couples Gross Thing

This is a romantic thing to do, but if you are habituated with that then it will be completely your fault. This is another gross thing that couples do.

Sniffing each other’s armpits :

Couples Gross Thing

It’s summer, it’s hot … and you can smell B.O.

Which means you and your partner have probably both stuck your arms in the air and asked each other to sniff your pits while asking: ‘Are you SURE I don’t smell?’

Breaking wind. Loudly :

Couples Gross Thing

Sometimes you just can’t hold a fart in. It is not a good practice at all. But with your love you can do anything. It is another gross thing.

Helping squeeze to reach spot :

Couples Gross Thing

It’s impossible to reach those spots, where you have itching, the only person in the world is there to help you. So it’s a thing that you can share with your dear one.

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