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5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Watch Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’


5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Watch Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’

Nobody needs to explain why one should watch Dunkirk because it’s obvious as Dunkirk is directed, produced and written by renowned and talented film maker Christopher Nolan. His last movies like Inception, Interstellar, and The Dark Knight Trilogy are the proof of his brilliance, but Dunkirk will add more points in his brilliance as this was the most awaited movie of Christopher Nolan which is finally thrilling the cinemas worldwide.

It is understandable that one should watch Dunkirk as the movie is a creation of Christopher Nolan but it needs to be understood that other than Christopher Nolan’s movie, what makes Dunkirk a worth to watch the movie.

Here we’ll cover all those things which will be enough to encourage you to why you should watch Dunkirk –

Dunkirk Evacuation

The movie is based on Operation Dynamo happened on 1940 between May 26, June 04. It is about the evacuation of allied soldiers during World War II in the north of France. It was a thrilling evacuation experience from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk. People rarely know about the Operation Dynamo so it will be a good idea to watch Dunkirk to feel the experience of Dunkirk Evacuation.

Christopher Nolan’s Vision

Dunkirk is the result of Christopher Nolan’s hard work, vision, and excellence. We all know Nolan is a stunning director, producer, and writer of Hollywood and he has given legendary movies to the Hollywood whose dialogues and storyline we still memorize. He is talented and always a focused director in Hollywood and we always wait for his next movies. He is definitely an utmost reason why one should go and watch Dunkirk.

One Direction’s Harry Styles In Debutante

We all know One Direction as a renowned English-Irish pop band and we all know Harry Styles as a member of One Direction. We’re fan of his music but he’s now debuting his acting career in Dunkirk. Oh yes, you will find focused Harry Styles in Dunkirk. It will be really very exciting to see a singer and a musician of a great band as an action.

Thrilling Music by Hans Zimmer

Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer have shared a great bonding in creating a movie successful. Hans Zimmer has given “life” to the mind-blowing vision, storyline, and filmmaking of Christopher Nolan in every movie and you’ll find the same bonding in Dunkirk. The thrilling sound of aircraft attack will blow your mind, shake your seats and will give a feeling as you are on the field and fighting from the attack of aircraft.

Casting And Cinematography

Dunkirk is filmed by IMAX cameras and advanced cinematographic techniques to give a breathtaking experience while watching the movie. You’ll feel the struggle of allied soldiers while comfortably seating on your air-conditioned multiplex. It will be a stunning movie experience and will keep your eyes engaged on screen for the whole 2 hours.

So what are you waiting for? Dunkirk is already released and thrilling cinemas worldwide. Go and watch the breathtaking experience of Dunkirk Evacuation.

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