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5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Working Out And Eating Like Celebrities


5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Working Out And Eating Like Celebrities

The only constant thing in my life  these days  is seeing my guy friends hitting the gym daily!! And not to forget , the  gorgeous smile on their face thinking about the broad chest line and body just like SALMAN bhai !!! Well , I have no option other than laughing my heart out for this imitation. Certainly , fitness plays a vital role in our lives  and  should be the major concern for us but imitating our favourite actor’s work out regime or shaping into their body curves is just not the THING.
Yes, these celebrities might have the millions of followers , they might be having the sexiest curves,  they even might have the best toned body you always wanted but  taking fitness ideas from them is a big thumbs down!! If your blood boils reading the above lines fret not , we tell you the true reasons for that :


No doubt ,we are always left awestruck whenever celebrities share their new pictures on social media and insta. We have no option other than drooling over those beautiful yet sexy curves or  those sweat dripping hard chest !! But alas, what we need to register in our minds is – the lavish lifestyle they endure. They can spend thousands of bucks on so called “sunday brunches” but not YOU !!  I’ m sure you won’t be able to recognize  the dish name that they include in their breakfast or lunch . Ever saw green avocado ,  greek or chinese yogurt , asparagus and what not  in your refrigerator??
It’ s an altogether new story of such food items which is just impossible  for a normal person to buy regularly. Chances are such that you  might have to sleep empty stomach for another 2-3 days. So fellas , stop following everything blindly  and  just give up those exact diet chart headlines which you keep on lingering to.


You spend hours learning some new things which are required in your job . RIGHT?  And you don’t crib every time doing such things rather you welcome such opportunities with open arms? Why?  Because , it’s your job and you have to excel in that. Isn’t it? Well , just try to apply the same analogy in this context. Celebrities spend 6-8 hours  a day on their  fitness routine and cut on the numerous food items for the sake of that body shape which  they need for a specific role.
Simply , because it’s their job and they are being paid millions of dollars for doing the same. Now ,  can you afford to miss out your job and home and get into that body shape which you yearn for ? Can you go swimming in morning,then yoga in evening ,then playing another game with soft music ? Just sit back and think .


Let’s take a minute and think – what is  not possible nowadays ? I don’t think we would be having genuine answer for this as in this digital era everything is possible . When a  person can come out of  life threatening cancer , then why on earth  these celebrities can’ t have their photoshop done?  It’s hard to believe but yes this is the bitter truth where most of the pictures of superstars are photoshopped. The 50 year old man looking like a young lad is the magic of photoshop only. So ,just stop running behind those so called  flawless physique. You might get trapped !


You got to stick on  this point and keep it in your brain’s lifelong . This might be little rude but hell yes , celebrities are not qualified to teach you regarding all the fitness regime and work out strategies. They themselves hire their dietician , nutritionist , fitness trainer so who are  you to follow their diet plans and work out strategies?   You want to flaunt that ZERO SIZE figure ,then go and hire the new dietician for yourself to look out for you but don’t just follow the key guide steps as told by Kareena on  a Youtube video !! The latter might make your pockets burn and you will surely  cringe on your decision but trust me ,it would be better than blindly fitting in someone else’s shoe.  Find your own body type  and work on it.


How come Shahrukh Khan still maintain the same physique even in his 50’s ? How can Shahid Kapoor look so smoking hot in  such a short span of time ? These questions sometimes make me and my friends  go crazy like hell. Like , how it all JUST happened ? Now , the answer is pretty simple.  The intake of drugs can leave an impeccable impact on your body and mind . The multimillionaire Bill Gates used to  take drugs to concentrate his  mind and think innovatively and  even our beloved celebrities are not behind in this race. I remember Shahid kapoor accidentaly talking about his intake of drug for the sake of his role. Even Hollywood actors Khloe Kardashian , Gwyneth Paltrow , known for their  well trained and fit body  followed the same route . Now , can you just allow yourself to follow the same regime . I GUESS,  NO .

It would  not  be erroneous to say that – yes ,celebrities are a source of inspiration to us . Their body shape , dedication and  commitment level towards fitness is something to aspire for but  to train like them is asking something for trouble. Just because they have  fine butt, or a  toned midsection it doesn’t mean you should  have faith on their program design capabilities. Don’t just trust them blindly looking on their daily  insta posts or workout videos. Fall in love  with your Body and most importantly – hire a trainer if you want that  hot figure eagerly !!

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