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8 Things Science Has Got Totally Wrong!


8 Things Science Has Got Totally Wrong!

The world of science is constantly changing based on new discoveries, and sometimes means that what we thought was right was wrong. From the very beginning of our childhood, we are taught or made aware of loads of scientific facts whether it be formally or informally. All those facts, things are believed to be true and the people doesn’t question them, the idea is reinforced by the common sharing of the people. Today we will talk about what science says about them and what they really are.

So Here are 8 things that science has got wrong.


Bulls Get Angry After Seeing Red :

You know it was a common belief that bulls get angry whenever they see anything red. This has been the belief for centuries, all thanks to the matador and other studies, Science had us believing that bulls got angry when they saw red, and this belief became very popular on the television and other mainstream media.


Alchemy :

Although Sir Isaac Newton made massive contributions to physics, he remained convinced that he could convert base metals into gold. Thanks to alchemy, however, today we have chemistry.


Dinosaurs had leathery skin :

Actually, scientists have now come to the conclusion that they were mostly covered in feathers.This is a typical myth.


The Speed of Universe Expansion :

The prominent view of the cosmos until recently was that the expansion of the universe is slowing down because of gravity. In the 1990’s, however, new evidence showed that the expansion of the universe was in fact speeding up.

Intelligence of Neanderthals :

In the past, it was thought that Neanderthals died out because Homo sapiens were smarter. New evidence contradicts this. According to researchers, neanderthals may have even been more intelligent than our human ancestors. Why did they die out then? We’re not quite sure.


King Tuten’s Death :

In 2006, historians found evidence that King Tut had died in a chariot accident. In 2014, however, scientists discovered that he had in fact died because of inbreeding.


Apes: the Smartest Non-Human Animal :

According to recent research, birds are quite intelligent. In fact, some studies have shown them to be even smarter than apes.


Time is Constant :

Not since Einstein. When he showed that light was the only constant, the world thought he was crazy. These days, however, NASA has to adjust its clocks because time runs differently depending on how far you are from a source of gravity and how fast you are going. In fact, a clock at sea level ticks faster than a clock at the top of the Empire State Building.


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