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Types of Girls, when they are on Their Periods


Types of Girls, when they are on Their Periods

Periods are one of the annoying things a girl faces every month. We girls can’t get rid of these periods at any cost. The things happen during periods are something a guy or anybody can’t even imagine.

The moody one

There are many kinds of girls who cannot handle their mood swings during their periods. They dance, cry, eat, shout according to their mood. No one can understand the moment their mood changes “DELHI KI BARISH KI TARAH UNPREDICTABLE”. They just hate everything around them and are on their anger mode every time.

The miss ouch

These girls can’t handle the pain and find a way to manage things. Some of them might even break out and faint from the pain. Of course, it is pretty tough to handle the pain. They just cry and cry over the pain and suddenly jump into “MUJHE MAT TANG KARNA MODE”. If someone asks them what is the problem with them their answer is “KABHI TUM FACE KARKE DEKHO PATA CHALEGA”

The I can’t wear white one

The moment they are on their periods white colour is just like enemy to them. They can wear anything but it should not be white, because they are very conscious about the stain and patch that irritates them very well. The saddest thing fir these kind of girls is their DABANG attitude automatically changes to “SHIT STAIN NA PADJAE” one.

The overeater

Yes these kind of girls are my favourite because they don’t care about the pain and only concentrate on their food. They eat a lot without bothering anyone. “KYUNKI UNHONE KAHI NAHI JANA SABSE PEHLE HAI UNKO KHANA”. The funniest thing about these girls all the dieting an their food chart goes into vein because they can’t stop themselves from eating more and more.

The cramp dead

Oh yes cramps are the biggest enemy of all the girls. They can manage anything but cramps? Never ever. Hot water bag is their friend in these days because they keep it with them 24/7. Both of them be like “RAB NE BANA DI JODI”. But the thing is it’s not easy to escape from menstrual cramps, they occur every time  every month.

The bed lover

When the other girls are busy finding a solution to their problems there are these girls who love their bed more than anything. They sleep whole day with their pillow and hot water bag and if someone asks them to get up and do something they be like Yes? You are talking to me?

The touch me not one

Do whatever you want but don’t touch or irritate girls on their periods, because the moment they become “JHANSI KI RAANI” then you are gone. These girls want to live free and independent without any interruption. “KYUNKI FOR THEM STAYING FREE IS THE BEST”!

The pad borrower

Yes these girls are very common among the group. The moment they are on their periods they are on “PAD EMERGENCY MODE”. One of the weird thing these girls faces while sitting in school/college they have to immediately borrow a pad from anyone because stains and pains won’t stop!

The care free one

When all of the above girls are dying of pain and irritated from their periods, these girls still are care free for them periods is just a phase. Hey can handle  the pain, mood swings, anger and cramps. Because periods can’t effect their daily routine. They are always on their happy periods!

Well whatever the situation or the mood is yes we have to face them by crying or by laughing. So let’s face these periods  a happy way and ignore all the mood swings and change them to bhoot swings.

Anyways happy periods!

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Ashwarya ralhan

Ashwarya is currently pursuing B.Com from Shayama Prasad Mukherjee college, Delhi University. She is a content writer CUM content manager and writes for entertainment and other interesting sections!

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