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Visit these 10 Places in India before you turn 25


Visit these 10 Places in India before you turn 25

Imagine yourself sitting in your room with your group of friends,  excited about your end semester vacations.Excited? Wel, all this excitement seems to cease when it comes to selecting a good travel destination from thousands of vibrant places.It’s like too many cooks spoiling the broth.

So, to cut it short, we have shortlisted 10 must-visit destinations in India, in your 20s.

1.Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Yumthang Valley is a popular tourist destination in Sikkim.The variety of flowers this valley has to offer is a treat to the eyes of the tourists.Clear skies combined with such scenic beauty will definitely give you some eye catching DPs.And what more, the photographer in your group won’t get tired of clicking pictures of such an amazing setting of Nature.

2.Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Ladakh is a region in Jammu and Kashmir which extends from the Kunlun Mountain Range to the Great Himalayas.Riding through the high altitude roads on your beast with your friends will certainly be the memory of a lifetime.Pick your squad, gear up in your biker’s attire and set out on the long dusty roads of Ladakh for a thrilling experience.

3.Sundarbans,West Bengal


Sundarbans is the world’s largest single block tidal mangrove forest.It is home to a variety of wild animals, including the Royal Bengal Tiger.Planning an adventure into the wilds?Wanna witness the tiger’s roar in its territory, crying out to its ambush?Sundarban just added an element of thrill to your travel plans


Puducherry is a blend of some fine beaches and some exotic mountain ranges.So you know where to go if you want to chill with your friends on a beach or have a fun filled sightseeing session.Although the trip is somewhat expensive, we bet that it will be a “Paisa Wasool” experience.

5.Nalanda, Bihar

The faded realms of the history still echoes in the corpse and the walls of the ruins of the World’s oldest University-Nalanda University.The history of this place dates back to the days of the great Guptas when India was at its zenith.This place is a must visit if you wish to dive into the past to witness the cultural heritage that we Indians are proud of even today.

6.Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Kempty Falls

Located close to Dehradun, Mussoorie is a hill station which has never failed to impress its tourists with its mesmerizing beauty.Often referred as the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie makes a perfect choice if you wish to beat the heat in the cool waters of the Kempty Falls and seek that Hill station excitement amidst the hot summers of India where the temperature is usually around 21°C.


Most travel plans start with this 3 lettered destination and eventually end up at your friend’s place for your vacation. Enthusiasm reaches its peak when you talk about Goa and it seems to wither away at the same pace.

Goa is a place where you can have the love of your life to accompany you or your group of friends, but certainly not your parents.

The pristine beaches and a touch of the Western culture is something one should watch out for in Goa.

8.Darjeeling, West Bengal

Tiger Hill

Darjeeling is a hill station in West Bengal located on the foothills of the mighty Himalayas.Be it the beauty of the tea gardens or watching the sunrise at the majestic Tiger Hill, you won’t miss out on the Hill Station excitement and a trip to Darjeeling is definitely budget friendly.

9.Shillong, Meghalaya

Umiam Lake

Commonly referred to as “The abode of Clouds”, Shillong is one of the finest hill stations in India.Shillong has a lot to offer to its tourists, starting from the water sports at the Umiam Lake to the famous Elephant falls, and the list of tourist spots goes on and on.Next time you wish to seek some sightseeing and real thrill while you travel, you know where you should head to.

10.Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

Araku valley railway route

The name might sound a bit weird but as the saying goes,”Never judge a book by its cover”.Araku Valley was initially used for filming a few South Indian movies before it went on to become a popular tourist spot.Do not miss out on the train journey from Visakhapatnam to Araku, as it is one of the best railway routes in India.The tribal museum in Araku is also quite famous.The best part, you can cover some major tourist destinations in Visakhapatnam too.

So these are the 10 Places to visit in India before you turn 25. Stay tuned for more.

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